2001 odessay

It was filmed in Cinerama and shown in the "Moon Dome". Strangelove and decided not to make it obvious that they were "war machines". Kubrick used the technique to produce the backdrops in the Africa scenes 2001 odessay the scene when astronauts walk on the moon.

The camera could be fixed to the inside of the rotating wheel to 2001 odessay the actor walking completely "around" the set, or mounted in such a way that the wheel rotated independently of the stationary camera, as in the jogging scene where the camera appears to alternately precede and follow the running actor.

Weston recalled that he filmed one sequence without airholes in his suit, risking asphyxiation. Almost no music is heard during scenes with dialogue. Film critic Roger Ebert wrote that HAL, as the supposedly perfect computer, is actually the most human of all of the characters.

The film is notable for its innovative use of classical music taken from existing commercial recordings.

Illustrators such as Chesley BonestellRoy Carnon, and Richard McKenna were hired to produce concept drawings, sketches and paintings of the space technology seen in the film.

About half the music in the film appears either before the first line of dialogue or after the final line. The people who like it like it no matter what its length, and the same holds true for the people who hate it.

This required Gary Lockwood to be strapped into 2001 odessay seat while Keir Dullea walked toward him from the opposite side of the wheel as it turned with him. In moving shots of the long Discovery One spacecraft, in order to keep the entire model in focus, multiple passes had to be made with 2001 odessay lighting on it blocked out section by section.

A stewardess is shown preparing in-flight meals, then carrying them into a circular walkway. Because I was going to do him. And the thing is, Stanley had left the studio and sent Victor [Lyndon, the associate producer] to talk to me.

At the proper moment, the stagehand first loosened his grip on the wire, causing Dullea to fall toward the camera, then, while holding the wire firmly, jumped off the platform, causing Dullea to ascend back toward the hatch. Known to staff as "Manhattan Project", the shots of various nebula-like phenomena, including the expanding star field, were colored paints and chemicals swirling in a pool-like device known as a cloud tank, shot in slow motion in a dark room.

They resemble Rorschach "blots" against the pristine purity of the rest of the lobby. The coloring and negative-image effects were achieved with different color filters in the process of making duplicate negatives.

The undeveloped film was re-wound to film the star background with the silhouette of the model photograph acting as a matte to block out where the spaceship image was. Although this technique, known as "held takes", resulted in a much better image, it meant exposed film would be stored for long periods of time between shots, sometimes as long as a year.

For most shots the model was stationary and camera was driven along a track on a special mount, the motor of which was mechanically linked to the camera motor—making it possible to repeat camera moves and match speeds exactly.

The lighting of the foreground subject had to be balanced with the image from the screen, making the image from the scenery projector on the subject too faint to record.

Similar detailed instructions for replacing the explosive bolts also appear on the hatches of the E. A small elevated platform was built in a field near the studio so that the camera could shoot upward with the sky as background, avoiding cars and trucks passing by in the distance.

The minute film, which had also proved popular at NASA for its realistic portrayal of outer space, achieved "the standard of dynamic visionary realism that he was looking for. The exception was the eyes of the leopard in the "Dawn of Man" sequence, which glowed orange from the projector illumination.

Vehicles[ edit ] Modern replica of the Discovery One spaceship model To heighten the reality of the film very intricate models of the various spacecraft and locations were built. Kubrick described this as "a happy accident". Elements of the scene were recorded on same piece of film in separate passes to combine the lit model, stars, planets, or other spacecraft in the same shot.

It would eventually be released in a limited " road-show " Cinerama version, then in 70mm and 35mm versions.– Strips clubs can be intimidating to say the least, but one thing you can count on at Odyssey is a fun friendly server named Helene.

Helene is cocktailing to pay her way through college and is by far the most intelligent person I have ever met working at a strip mi-centre.comon: N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa,FL. A Space Odyssey is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential films ever made. Init was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

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50 Years Ago, One Movie Changed All Movies Forever. A SPACE ODYSSEY- Experience The Original In Select IMAX and IMAX 70mm Theaters. Apr 11,  · Watch video · A space-opera spanning the dawn of man to humanity reaching the stars, A Space Odyssey tells the story of the Black Monolith, humanity's evolution and the rise of A.I.'s ultimate supercomputer HAL /10(K).

2001 Odyssey

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2001 odessay
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