An analysis of the psycopath norman bates in the movie psycho

Bates finds Crane dead in the bathroom, and hides all evidences of the crime by throwing her body, her possessions, the money and her car into a swamp. If we consider Bates the killer, the knife represents his phallus. According to Freud, a male individual escapes this anxiety via two ways — voyeurism and fetishism.

It is a very dark room, creating shadows on Normans face, making him look frightening. For that is his problem and he created the idea of his mother in his own fantasy world. Moreover, he had killed his own mother and her lover out of jealousy and then became insane from guilt.

Psychoanalytic approach can lead us to how he developed his dual personality. Clearly our key character Bates is suffering from multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. He grew up knowing that all women were immoral and they were all whores except for his own mother and hence he should avoid them.

So as we see Bates had no means of resolving his Oedipal conflict, he developed an incestuously possessive and jealous love for his mother. We see Norman take the body, clean the scene and dump the body in a car and then into the river.

The film becomes intense when the runner of the motel, Norman Bates, becomes a main character and is found to be under the domination of his mother, causing problems for Marion.

I had and idea that Norman was the murderer, because through out the movie they never showed the mothers face. In the mystery and suspense genre, a tongue-in-cheek approach is indispensable — Truffaut Suddenly Norman dressed as his mother comes running out of the bedroom stabbing the private investigator on the staircase.

He died at the Mendota Mental Health Institute inaged Not to mention on the out line and sheets the teacher gave us Sick or mother was always in quotes.

He had no opportunity of resolving this complex. It appeared that he thought she was telling him to get rid of his mother and that struck a nerve with him. Psychoanalytic theory can also be useful to explain his other behavioral symptoms in the film.

The suspense in this scene builds up from the silence of the private investigator walking around the house. Bates the killer, she has castrated Bates and is killing the threat to their relationship, Crane, with his phallus.

The idea that Norman Bates mother committed the crime seems to be irrelevant she is dead and there is no way she physically did it.

Character of Norman Bates from the Movie Psycho

Norman Bates, the main character of the movie played by Anthony Perkins, is a man scarred by the demented ways of his possessive and manipulative mother. There is a reason for every thing they do in the movies.

Crane then escapes with that money because she thought that the money will solve her financial predicament and hence also resolve the complexity surrounding her love life. There is even a shot of Bates swinging his hips while climbing the stairs. This is where Norman becomes creepy, and no more likeable.

The room itself is full of birds of prey stuffed and hung up on the walls such as ravens, which suggests that Norman has an obsession with these birds, and may even be a bird of prey himself. However, he still felt suspicious and decided to go back.

An introduction to Jacques Lacan through popular culture. At this point, the audience know who has killed Marion and the private investigator, and how he does it. The story of Norman Bates and his mother is unraveled along the way, leaving the audience shocked at the truth that Norman actually has a split personality and dresses up like his mother in order to kill people who in his mind his mother does not like.

Selected essays from the Hitchcock annual. This is also enhanced by the lighting and mise-en-scene of the room.

Hitchcock’s 1960 ‘Psycho’ film analysis

This again is Hitchcock psychologically scaring the audience, with no blood or gore, just creepiness in a mundane situation such as staying at a motel, not expecting anything like this to happen, or for someone like Norman to be running the motel.

It was known to be the scariest horror movie of its time, making people feel shocked, disgusted and mentally disturbed. Before that the child begins in a state of oneness with its mother which is the imaginary order.

Another significant behavior of Bates can be explained through the psychoanalytic theory of castration anxiety. So he saved her body, tried to preserve it and even tried to talk in her voice.

The first floor indicates his superego, where he keeps his mother corpse, the ground floor indicates his ego and the cellar goes for his id. A Gaze into Hitchcock through Lacanian Eye. The fact that his mother might have helped him develop the split personalities, by the way she treated him might be a possibility too but he manifested his own thoughts.Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ film analysis ‘Psycho’ is a ’s classic horror movie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

It was known to be the scariest horror movie of its time, making people feel shocked, disgusted and mentally disturbed.

Jun 03,  · Norman Bates is the central character of the novel “Psycho” written by Robert Bloch. The real life inspiration of this character was the serial killer Ed Gein. The real life inspiration of this character was the serial killer Ed Gein. Sep 08,  · Watch video · Norman Bates: A boy's best friend is his mother.

See more however, these stereotypes create a generic murderer a raving, ranting, clearly demented psychopath. One of the few memorable cinematic killers that does not adhere to these restraints and cliches is, of course, Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter, whom /10(K).


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No description by Andrea DiCara on 4 December Tweet. Comments (0 Norman Bates: A "Psycho" Analysis The Plot of Psycho Marion Crane is on the run after she steals $40, She stops at the Bates Motel to rest and meets Norman The Image of a "psychopath".

- Norman Bates, What do the birds in the movie Psycho represent in Norman's life? These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

A Tale of Two Psychos ; From Novel to Camera: Gothic Elements in Psycho. -movies-news-gifs-mildlyinteresting-aww-Showerthoughts-Jokes-science-OldSchoolCool TV series inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho which will depict the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in Hitchcock's film.

Is Norman already a psychopath in Bates Motel?

An analysis of the psycopath norman bates in the movie psycho
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