Benefits of confucianism if applied to

The reverence for the Confucianism by the Chinese people has varied from one generation to another, but they never ever felt the need or the freedom to bring about changes to his teachings and life.

Confucius envisioned proper government being guided by the principles of li. Ren which is humaneness, Yi which is righteousness or justice, Li which is proper carrying out of rites, Zhi which is proper knowledge, and Xin which is the integrity.

The Five Bonds are: The second principle is Li which is the principle of gain. He pursued truth, kindness and perfection throughout his life and his success and failure were largely due to his character, which had an everlasting impact on Chinese intellect.

Strictly speaking, it is not a religion but more a doctrine than belief, while the meaning behind the beautiful words renders wordy post-modernism pale and dull. Filial piety is considered a key virtue in Chinese cultureand it is the main concern of a large number of stories.

Benefits of Confucianism If Applied to the Philippines

Receive assured help from our talented and expert writers! When these children grow up, they are already accustomed of following their father that they apply it to the government by also obeying the orders of the president and other high ranking officials and in turn, the government should provide the people their rights like how a father provides his children their needs.

In Chinese, his name was Kong Qiu. That is, we are more focused on what the world owes individuals, and less focused on what individuals owe the world. The beginnings of jen are found in hsiao family life.

Junzi The junzi Chinese: There is the belief that jen can be obtained; indeed, there is the belief in the natural perfectibility of man.

It is said that among of his disciples, there were 72 who were brilliant and who succeeded in morality, literature, language, and especially politics.

The only two holidays that are accepted and followed by followers of the Confucianist belief are the Chinese New Year and the birthday of Confucius, the founder of this way of life. The core values have supposed to have both positive as well as negative impacts on the history and culture of China, the reason being the concept of Confucius became very detrimental and negative for the children as well as women.

The last principle is Te which is the authority with which men set rules and guidelines. Thus one must first learn to respect and understand oneself along with learning to honour oneself as goes on with their daily business.

Baker calls respect for the family the only element common to almost all Chinese believers. Family is considered as a small unit of the government. Yi connotes a moral sense: These stories depict how children exercised their filial piety in the past.

In any event, that would not be possible. Uniquely, only he is qualified to be called "the teacher of ten thousand generations". The superior man [Junzi] cannot care about the everything, just as he cannot go to check all himself!

They have sacrificed much for you. This way of life pays more attention and gives more importance to ceremonies and rituals in family life. It is part of world cultural heritage and an integral part of Chinese life. Parents are revered because they are the source of your life. The fifth principle is Chih which is the moral wisdom of what is right and wrong.

To get more information, please contact us or visit www. The accumulated words of wisdom have come down to us as "The Analects", one of the most important of all the Chinese classics. In the traditions of Confucianism it is mentioned that family is not just a social unit of life and production rather it is a social being with the help of which the life of mankind can exist and reproduce.

I conclude that in order for Philippines to progress and develop, in order to achieve peace and order, Filipinos should practice Confucianism because this will help our country change for the better making it a productive and successful place which the people once taught of as a hopeless nation.

10 Confucianism Religion Beliefs and Facts

Zigong, one of the famous disciples, set up a cabinet near his tomb and stayed there for six years to mourn his beloved teacher. Since we draw the difference between right and wrong from our own mind, these ideas are innate.c. Confucianism is similar to Kant's ethics of duty: the action is done as a good-in-itself, not as a means to an end.

3. Acting from yi is quite close to practicing jen. Confucian Beliefs Confucianism concerns itself primarily with ethical principles and does not address many traditional religious beliefs.

These are generally provided by Chinese religion, Taoism, Buddhism, or other religion which Confucians follow. English essay assignment help: The positive and negative influence of the Confucian teachings on Chinese Culture.

In the traditions of Confucianism it is mentioned that family is not just a social unit of life and production rather it is a social being with the help of which the life of mankind can exist and reproduce.

Thus it is evident. Clear examples and definition of Confucianism. Confucianism is the most influential of the three main philosophies and pillars of Chinese culture (along with Buddhism and Taoism)—today.

It is composed of 5 main ideas that define and guide human relationships and is named after Kongfuzi (pronounced ‘kong-foo-dzih’ and Latinized as Confucius).

Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life. The Benefits of Confucianism. Backlinks; Source; Print; Export (PDF) The Benefit of Confucianism Confucianism would greatly benefit the United States if we adopted it as our religion.

It is all about peace and prosperity within society, something that our country seems to really lack. The United States is filled with senseless violence.

Benefits of confucianism if applied to
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