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Those with bipolar disorder often describe their experience as being on an emotional roller coaster. Rapid cycling mania is also a presentation of bipolar disorder. This occurs when people who use it begin to perform at a very low level, lower then they were before using the drug.

Another study involved a four week treatment of bright morning light treatment for patients with seasonal affective disorder and bipolar patients. Lithium is also the primary drug used for long- term maintenance of bipolar disorder.

Just enough of them is alive to make sure they eat and act as though others know nothing of the disease. The classic form of the illness, which involves recurrent episodes of mania and depression, is called bipolar I disorder.

Introduction to Bipolar Disorder

Because of the often severe side effects, Benzodiazepines are often used in their place. Psychiatric Disorders in America. Speech often speeds up and may be unintelligible to others. The beginning of Bipolar disorder usually occurs between the ages of 20 and Many times bipolar states and psychotic states are misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.

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Regardless of the number of people suffering from the disease, we are still waiting for an explanation regarding the causes and cure.

On average, someone with bipolar disorder may have up to three years of normal mood between episodes of mania or depression.

Bipolar cycling can either be rapid or slow over time. A depressive episode is characterized by extreme sadness, a lack of energy or interest in things, an inability to enjoy normally pleasurable activities, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Benzodiazepines may be given for treating agitation of a patient, however, it should be used with caution because of the addictive potential of it Griswold Most scientists now agree that there is no single cause for bipolar disorder—rather, many factors act together to produce the illness.

Even the people he or she is around all the time begin to make them nervous. Another problem associated with the use of lithium is experienced by pregnant women. Such things may include cutting themselves, drinking, using drugs, most popularly marijuana.

Patients who are unresponsive to lithium treatment are often those who experience dysphoric mania, mixed states, or rapid cycling bipolar disorder. The mood swings are usually experienced intensely by a person with this condition. Benzodiazepines can achieve the same results as Neuroleptics for most patients in terms of rapid control of agitation and excitement, without the severe side effects.

You must stand by them. Causes of Bipolar Disorder Scientists are learning about the possible causes of bipolar disorder through several kinds of studies.

In addition, findings from gene research suggest that bipolar disorder, like other mental illnesses, does not occur because of a single gene.

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The use of tricyclic antidepressant should be avoided because of the possibility of inducing rapid cycling of symptoms Griswold Bipolar patients have both of these going on at the same time throughout their lives, possibly even many times a day if they are what they call a rapid cycler.

The purpose is to escape and put their body somewhere else that is safe and comfortable to escape the terror.Bipolar Disorder Research Paper.

Bipolar Disorder

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Medicine term papers (paper ) on Treatments Of Bipolar Disorder: Treatments of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is characterized by both manic and depressive episodes. A manic episode is a period in which a per. Term paper Bipolar Disorder Research Papers Bipolar Disorder research papers on psychological disorders can be custom written for college and university students.

Bipolar disorder research papers point out that the disease affects nearly one percent of the United States population. Since this is such a prolific psychological disorder, bipolar disorder research papers will want to include elements of the disease.

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Treatment of Bipolar Disorder - 1 Running Head: TREATMENT OF A MOOD DISORDER Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Frances Watson PsychologySummer Professor Kiely July 17, Paper submitted to Prof.

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Kiely for Psychology8/17/ Treatment of Bipolar Disorder - 2 Abstract This essay will be reviewing the ways in which persons with the mood disorder bipolar disorder are given.

Bipolar disorder (“manic depression”) is a mental disorder that is characterized by constantly changing moods between depression and mania. The mood swings are significant, and the experiences of the highs of mania and the lows of depression are usually extreme.

Bipolar disorder term paper
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