Brian williams but enough about you thesis

Americans have decided the most important person in their lives is But Enough About You A person that can probably be a solution to a problem will be to self absorbed and not even aware, that they can make a difference. This is where we nurture our avatar and we lose boundaries with ourselves and others, surrendering to a life of excess fantasy and cutting cut off from reality.

For instance when he says "While the mainstream media were having lunch According to Douglas Rushkoff, "The traditional linear story works by creating a character we can identify with, putting that character we can identify with, putting that character in danger, and then allowing him or her to discover a way out.

Newspapers are hardly even read anymore. Also, he connects with the reader by putting the words "you" and "me" which shows how everyone can relate to what his message is trying to convey.

It is now possible--even common--to go about your day in America and consume only what you wish to see and hear. The type of music that is on your iPod is what you like listening to. See page in which we see there are worlds beyond our daily life routines where we feel encouraged to experiment with our identity and alter ego, giving it a powerful life that can get out of control.

It shows who you are.

The abuse is gradual. There are nine hundred digital options on our cable box, then you enter the world of web browsing and come across videos of people juggling kittens and funny dance moves at weddings.

Americans do choose what they want to hear and see. Williams proceeds into minutia about TV today and how it sold in the direction of the one-by-one assembly and youth.

Enough About You

The news is not valued as much anymore, and Williams is concerned because people will not know what is going on around them. Should we be getting our thrills in this manner?

Like Williams says about intimate conversations being spoken about in public, he is right. Williams might have chosen this placement and wording to relate to the audience, like in a speech to form a connection with the audience.

See,and elsewhere. Williams also says how there is so much information out there about the war, bombing and other things going on in the world. Internet alters our brain circuits for the worse, turning us into "skimmers.

But Enough About You

He later called leaving college one of his "great regrets. He brings up the point of how using iPods and the internet give us the ability to filter what we do and do not want to see and hear.

During an appearance on July 26,he demonstrated a skilled vocal impersonation of TV personality Regis Philbin. This story is about the media and the existence to perceive need.

Many Americans are guilty of the behavior he mentions in the essay. We are now more self absorbed and tend not to care about anything that does not affect our immediate lives.In “Enough About You” (), Brian Williams argues that people today are very self-absorbed and that media and culture revolve around this way of thinking.

He develops his idea by pointing out that America today is not the same as it used to be (“Diaries once sealed under lock and key are now called blogs. Enough About You We've made the media more democratic, but at what cost to our democracy?

Brian Williams

Breakthrough Writer The purpose of a writing class is to develop a meaningful thesis, direct or implied, that will generate a compelling essay. Nov 17,  · Summary And Response "But Enough About You" Brian Williams is recognized best through his NBC news show called NBC’s Nightly News.

Recently I read his article title “But Enough About You” which was mainly about how he believe that the people in this generation are to self center and how accessible entertainment is today. Summary:: I was asked to read this story "But Enough About You." by Brian Williams.

This story is about the media and the existence to perceive need. Nov 09,  · Summary "But Enough About You" by Brian Williams is about information or people's life experiences are always being talked about or video taped.

Brian williams but enough about you thesis
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