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For a print campaign, you have all these considerations, plus a factor unique to print: If you chose too Brochure paper a GSM for your business cards they will be flimsy and may give the wrong impression of your business. It provides professional looking printing without the glossy look of the gloss paper.

If you need to, go to the next size up or try adding an additional panel using an 8. There are no hard and fast rules for paper density, but some types will be more obviously suitable than others.

This stock is coated with a glossy finish, making photographs and artwork look eye-catching. Posters and photographs can be printed on paper which is only coated on one side. There are two main things to consider before looking further into brochure printing, both which will affect how your brand comes across.

Facebook had to reconsider where it placed its paid adverts back in following BSkyB and Marks and Spencer suspending massive contracts.

Laser Printer Paper

Equally a company which is attempting to give a luxurious feel to their marketing might benefit from coated paper brochures. Standard uses are durable, heavy-weight brochures, catalog covers, product spec sheets, and small posters.

You might need to compromise GSM slightly if you have a large number of pages to ensure the brochure lays flat and is not excessively bulky GSM is thin card, so probably what your business cards are made from. People prefer easy to read, clutter free designs with brochures and other printed materials, so avoid crowding your information and images into too small of a space within your brochure.

This brochure paper stock is well suited for detailed, sharp printing without forgoing the ability to easily write on the paper.

With these sizes of brochures, you can easily choose a size that matches the message you are trying to convey.

As the marketing channels reflected badly on the brand, Facebook was in a position where it could have lost a lot of revenue. The glossy finish provides an exceptional base for full-color printing.

The final point is almost the most important: The tactile experience of print marketing is critical. A larger format brochure, like the 11 x The paper you chose for your brochure can subliminally impact your brand image as much as a poorly thought out campaign, so it's important to make the right decisions.

There are two main things to consider before looking further into brochure printing, both which will affect how your brand comes across.

Browse through our huge selection of stock pre-scored brochures. Choose between pastels, brights, textures, card stocks, and more.

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Create your own brochure to showcase your business, product, menus, or services. Looking for something unique or custom made? Paper Professionals Available Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm EST. HP Laser Matte Brochure Paper is HP's heavy matte laser paper for printing brochures and professional documents that you want to look and feel as impressive as they are important.

Heavier matte paper for easy-to-read, color-rich documents.

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Shop photo paper supplies at Staples. Browse through our large inventory of photo, brochure, and presentation paper. Get free shipping on select items. Descriptions of the the various paper types commonly used in commercial brochure printing and standard brochure sizes.

Professional inkjet glossy brochure paper to create high-quality promotional materials from the comfort of your office Dimensions: 11" x " For use in color or black and white inkjet printers to produce glossy promotional materials.

Brochure paper
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