Case study interdisciplinary

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 12 1 Initiatives were not implemented during the summer holidays or during the months surrounding Christmas. Also, ensure the change is well suited to the pilot site.

On the other hand, even though interdisciplinary activities are now a focus of attention for institutions promoting learning and teaching, as well as organizational and social entities concerned with education, they are practically facing complex barriers, serious challenges and criticism.

Interdisciplinary knowledge involves familiarity with components of two or more disciplines. Interdisciplinarity is best seen as bringing together distinctive components of two or more disciplines. Control issues also surfaced between surgeons and anaesthetists as to who should have the authority to write patient-controlled analgesia orders.

Keep the patient at the center of the vision. Frequently, pain management orders by the anaesthetist and the surgeon co-existed on the chart. Interestingly, this had been such an effective committee that even though the new committee represented the birth of a long awaited goal, several members mourned the transition.

A historical perspective and future directions. An effort was made to include all the key players including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, purchasing, and biomedical engineering.

This has been echoed by federal funding agencies, particularly the National Institutes of Health under the direction of Elias Zerhouniwho has advocated that grant proposals be framed more as interdisciplinary collaborative projects than single researcher, single discipline ones. Policy for controlling pain after surgery: The Acute Pain Service was available both for postoperative patients and for patients with other clinical conditions where the management of acute pain was particularly challenging, such as trauma and opioid addiction.

An interdisciplinary program may not succeed if its members remain stuck in their disciplines and in disciplinary attitudes. This democratic process, while necessary, did have some drawbacks.

These challenges arose primarily in the areas of workload and control issues. The former is instantiated in thousands of research centers across the US and the world.


Without rejecting the proposal outright, the administration requested more information and recommended that an interdisciplinary team be established to develop the idea further.

This proposal requested hospital operating funds for a director, nurse clinicians and a dedicated resident, fellow or intern. Early on they had the opportunity to present their programs at several pain management conferences, and this generated further enthusiasm.

A clinical resource nurse was hired, and staff representation on the committee was increased. This means that significant improvements in patient care need to be demonstrated to justify this expense.

The nurses opted to stay with intramuscular and oral anti-emetics both less than ideal options for several years after the implementation of the patient-controlled analgesia program.Today, interdisciplinary education is a hot topic.

Gaining an insight into the nature of interdisciplinary education may help when making design decisions for interdisciplinary education. In this study, we argue that, derived from interdisciplinary research, the choice of problem, the level of. Virtual Health Team Case Studies.

Case Studies.

Clinical Cases - Resources for Faculty: Introduction

By Disease or Specialty Area By Discipline. Disease or Specialty Area. Aging Assistive Devices Does He Have Alzheimer's? Interdisciplinary Geriatric Assessment: Mrs. Curtis Lifestyle Issues in Cardiac Health Post-stroke Rehabilitation of an African Woman. An Interdisciplinary Case Study of Madness Part I – The Apartment A sliver of sun peaked over the roof of the apartment building across the street, creating just enough shadow to keep Josie from working the tiny key into the rusted lock on her front door.

Her fi ngers tingled slightly, pins and needles. Create the interdisciplinary team structures you need for organization-wide support. And develop and implement a model for the ongoing redesign of care delivery.

Detailed case studies of leading hospitals and hospital systems and hands-on tools such as forms, charts, and care paths round out this all-in-one resource. Self-contained case studies teach students best practices in interdisciplinary research Interdisciplinary research is a burgeoning field, largely due to its ability to tackle complex problems facing humanity that extend beyond a single disciplinary perspective and require interdisciplinary thinking and research for their resolution.

Interprofessional Case Studies Resources Office of Interprofessional Scholarship, Service, and Education, Creighton University Interdisciplinary Curriculum and Simulation Cases for Teaching Leadership and Communication to Medical Rapid Response Teams.

Case study interdisciplinary
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