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Given models for change management are based on different approaches to changes within organization. At this point, it is possible to recommend using of transformational leadership style, which is particularly effective in organizations conducted substantial changes.

Also, the motivation of employees is important to support and introduce the change, including both material and non-material motivators. Alternatively, Harley Davidson should use steward leadership, which implies that leaders perform the role of stewards and guides for their employees, helping them to pass through the change.

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There are no concrete rules or steps, there are only general guidelines which either should inspire on further actions or are designed to be implemented in any organization, regardless the type of changes implemented.

Essay Paper on Change Management Model

Create feedback, take into account complaints and enhance the process of change. Obviously, the top executives of the company are conscious of the necessity of changes but they need to gain the support of stakeholders to introduce changes successfully.

Nadler defines each step by giving a detailed description of what should be done. His plan is the minutest of all, it gives clear and simple ideas of how the change should be organized.

Their plan is a little similar to that of Nadler, although the general number of steps is less and their form of expression is different too. Draw up a plan for change, defining all possible flaws and negative issues. In this regard, Harley Davidson should focus on strategies for managing resistance to change within the company.

Finally, the company should grant employees with larger autonomy that will stimulate their creative and innovative work.

Strategic Change Management 2 essay

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SSL Essay Paper on Change Management Model Each company uses different models of organizational change depending on its needs and circumstances for the moment of need for change.

Managers need to improve the performance of the company and to improve its marketing position to maintain the steady development of Harley Davidson. In addition, Harley Davidson should stimulate the involvement of employees in the elaboration of the change.

Look no further than ProfEssays. This model is the shortest since is consists of five steps only and is perceived with philosophical hint.

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Shareholders are interested in the improvement of the position of the company in the market and consistent rise of its share price. Define the need for change, ground it. In such a way, they will support the change because they feel that they have created the change.

Another factor that affects the position of the company and drives the change is the progress of technologies and respective changes in the needs and expectations of customers. Involve employees, inspire them and maintain positive atmosphere and attitude.

Change management models

Build up the future image of company with implemented change and suggest this image to all employees. Get support from sponsors, team leaders, managers of departments. Palmer, Dunford and Akin defined three change groups that take part in the whole process, and these are: The autonomy of employees is very helpful because they do not feel the pressure from the part of managers in the course of the introduction of the change.Strategic Change Management 2 essay The need for strategic change In actuality, Harley Davidson needs substantial changes to be introduced, but these changes should be grounded on the detailed analysis of the current marketing situation, competitive environment, and resources of the company.

As I have discussed three models of change management in this essay, each model follows the same basic fundamental framework of the mechanism of change. However, each model has a different way of looking at the things. Change Management Models McKinsey 7-S Model There are many different change management models.

We will be discussing three today and choosing which is the best fit a company needing many changes. I will be discussing both the strengths and weaknesses of these three change management models: McKinsey 7-S Model. Comparing these models, we can come to the following conclusions: the authors used different approaches to the change management models, thus they offered to undertake different measures depending on their own view of change.

However, it is not a substitute for other change management models such as Lewin’s change management model. Bridge’s model must be used along with other change management models (Brisson-Banks, ).

Conclusion. Change management is a challenging process to carry out and manage for any organization. Using these analyses, they put forth models as their recipes for change management. A multitude of sometimes conflicting philosophies and models has emerged.

Business professionals, searching for advice on effective change management, must be knowledgeable about the models available in order to choose a model or combination .

Change management models essay writer
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