Commercial massage chair business plan

You should be available immediately to schedule any urgent appointment, and your answering service should be able to reach you at any time. The locations mentioned above are also the contacts that you want to develop as referral sources.

Companies generally require contractors to be represented by a business structure of some sort. But are massage chair vending machines profitable?

vending massage chairs

There is no profit limit that comes with these chair, only the location and number of client matters determine you profit at the end of the day. When we surveyed massage therapists in one Mid West city on a Monday morning at 11 AM we could not reach one out of forty massage therapists telephoned!

Are Massage Chair Vending Machines Profitable?

For example, health food stores see a lot of health conscious people in a single day. Create a twitter account and follow local people, businesses and other healthcare professionals.

Warning Consider obtaining professional liability insurance to protect yourself from lawsuits arising from accidents during therapy. Develop a massage therapy marketing plan of regular consistent advertising exposure. Do not commercial massage chair business plan or dress in a professional manner.

Common aspects of marketing include business cards, a logo, stationery, a website and promotional brochures or fliers. States typically require new licensees to have a certificate of completion from an accredited massage-therapy training institute and a minimum number of massage hours performed under the supervision of a licensed therapist.

As the owner, you are at liberty to work full time, or employ someone to control the machine and chair.


Do not answer your telephone on a consistent basis. By John on May 31, With little capital and a good location, you can venture into the spa and beauty business by installing massage chair vending machines which generate good returns on a daily basis.

For example, in Michigan, licensees must pass a test and complete hours of clinical course work or massage practice. If you want a successful massage practice you must behave and conduct yourself like a health care professional at all times: Psychologists are a good source to market, they frequently practice in groups and you could offer them discounted care in order to educate them regarding your services.

Do not educate your patients in the office. An educated patient is more likely to seek continued treatment. Do not work full time at building your practice.

The best buy in most small newspapers is the classified ad section, it is usually very inexpensive and in a small weekly paper it is usually read about as well as the rest of the paper. They include spa and beauty parlors, clubs, car washes, casinos, hotels and restaurants, hospitals and airports.

Be professional at all times. Be responsive, available, and in communication at all times. You can basically locate this therapeutic machine at a high traffic location as it occupies a small area, requires little maintenance cost and little human input in order to function. Obtain a state license to practice massage.

Massage Advertising

If after an ad has run for two or three months no one seems to have seen it, find yourself another paper. Rescheduling is part of your massage marketing plan. Do not visualize or pray for your personal success.

Specializing is a good way to get noticed. Vibrating Seat — This seat helps in easing tension on the hamstrings, gluten muscles and lower back muscles. Send your marketing materials to local businesses, to the attention of human-resource leaders. Do not return phone calls promptly, within twenty minutes, or at all.

The best method of handling incoming calls is with a cell phone that you personally answer ten to twelve hours per day.Gregory T.

Lawton, D.N., D.C., is a Board Member of the American Medical Massage Association. The AMMA is an association that represents a diverse group of medical massage therapists, physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses and other allied medical personnel who practice clinical manual therapy for the purpose of.

The Next Generation of Massage Chair: A control panel which allows customers to vary the strength of the back and calf massage. Bonus minutes to encourage spending beyond just the one minute massage time. The Vending Massage Chair is the top rated small business of Low start up cost, Zero Expenses, Immediate High Return.

Complete with expert advice, full warranty and support, The Vending Massage Chair remains the leader in their niche, read more about going into business with the best today! The DZ-B2 commercial vending massage chair is optimally designed to maximize revenue while providing relaxing comfort to the public.

Our vending model is custom manufactured to the highest quality industry standards and will. Creative marketing opportunities for an on-site chair massage business include offering free massages at an accountant's office during.

SPECIAL!!! (12) - Commercial Vending Massage Chairs!!! Seller is original owner; these chairs were used for months and are in very good condition.

How to Start an On-Site Chair Massage Business

See the details for features and specs.

Commercial massage chair business plan
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