Comparative analysis between wagon r and

For first two years of her drive the car was great. The car is provided with an elegant and tall finish to complement its interior features such as power steering, power windows, warning lamp, keyless entry, dual airbags, etc. The Wagon R has undergone three upgrades until the year I mean freestyle diesel is also very good.

If you want to keep the car for more than years, then go for petrol. Maruti has also done well to lend some unconventional aspects to this car, such as a tilted steering, under seat tray, door trim fabric, security system, etc. She owns a Toyota Innova and the car shows all sorts of troubles every now and then.

But then it showed all sorts of trouble. My neighbor has a Farm house in outskirts of the city and her daily commute is more than 60kms per day. Sporting a funky and fluidic design, the spark packs in a powerful engine with an impressive displacement capacity of cc.

Otherwise go for a diesel model if you want more mileage and your daily comm Petrol cars are always reliable for long term use.

Made of aluminum, the K10B engine is light yet powerful in performance, benefited by a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. But if mileage is taken into account, Diesel vehicles give kms more mileage than a petrol car. My bother is that she always borrows my swift car as she finds power steering drive more easy when her car is under repair.

As the price of petrol and diesel is almost same fuel costs will be almost same on your pocket. Largely available as a petrol run vehicle, the Chevrolet Spark has also been presented in its diesel variant in some select countries of the world.

The Chevrolet Spark can be understood as the gradient of Daewoo Matiz, which was produced by Daewoo Motors until its take over by General Motors, the American car maker. However, the mentioned features are not accommodated in all the models presented by Maruti. Just check for some reviews online and then go for a test drive.

BTW freestyle offers great safety and is great to drive on Indian roads with a mm Ground Clearance. Planning to buy swift vxi amt or Tiago xza kindly help me. Swift vdi vs grand i10 diesel, which one is better bet?

Petrol cars are always reliable for long term use. With a healthy fuel tank capacity of 38 liters, the Spark is almost the perfect hatchback for a pleasant weekend outing. The problems can vary from mechanical to electronics failure. So, she always opts for a diesel car.

They are differentiated from one another by their manufacturer, design, engine configuration, performance, etc. The car is not exactly loaded with features, but does enough to serve a family of four adequately.

Eeco vs Wagon R

A consumer will have to shell out more money to own these features which are available only in the top models of this car. Of-course swift VDI in my opinion The car has been sold through its three generations, the last of which was launched in the year However, the car surprisingly falls short in the fuel economy department, with a meager mileage capacity of 21 kmpl.

Otherwise go for a diesel model if you want more mileage and your daily commute is more than 40 kms per day. Helpful 0 Add Your Answer A. Nevertheless, the Chevrolet Spark still manages to score big on style, and is reasonably potent in performance.

Even so, the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is one of the best options available for a family that is looking out for an efficient and affordable hatchback car. However, diesel cars do have a tendency of showing problems after years of use.

Maruti Wagon R LX (Petrol) vs Maruti Wagon R VXI (Petrol)

And i am left with no option rather than to drive my Maruti to office.comparative analysis between wagon r and santro essay research report on wagon r v/s santro ``comparative analysis of hyundai santro car with maruti wagon r in introduction introduction: ‘comparative analysis of maruti wagon r and hyundai.

Compare Maruti Swift vs Maruti Wagon R Comparison. Compare prices, specifications, features, and colors of Maruti Swift vs Maruti Wagon R Comparison. Confused between Maruti Eeco and Maruti Wagon R? Compare Eeco vs Wagon R and see how they fare on the basis of price, specifications and other factors.

EXPERIENCE CARDEKHO APP. CHAPTER-1INTRODUCTIONThis project is made on the project title “Comparative analysis of consumer preference between Hyundai’s i and Maruti’s wagon-R Jaipur.

This research is on the Comparative analysis between two private FM radio stations Radio Mirchi FM and Fever FM. The analysis is on the basis of their programming style, Programme schedule, audience preference, the Strengths and weaknesses of both the channels.

Wagon R turns Red FM Blue Red FM and Maruti. Home Cars News Renault Kwid vs Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R – Specs Comparison. Renault Kwid vs Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R – Specs Comparison. By. Launched in with the aim of providing unbiased automotive news, views, reviews, comparisons and analysis.

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Comparative analysis between wagon r and
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