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What added to this disaster was the lack of a precise preliminary warning from the weather department. We finally reached Wadala, a low lying area that gets inundated every monsoon, but what I saw was very different from any of my previous experiences. It took a week before Mumbai completely recovered from the havoc the rains wrought on the city though for many who lost family members and relatives in the floods the loss may be still irreparable.

They regulations failed to consider the factor of the rapidly changing local climate. I was the only person I could see as I walked among chest deep waters to the safety of my parents house which was luckily in the first floor, even as it continued to rain that morning.

Just think about these things before you start pointing fingers and playing an ugly blame game that goes nowhere. This antiquated storm water drainage system is capable of handling rain intensity Essay on mumbai floods of 2005 25 mm per hour at low tide. Floods are also likely to get more frequent and severe in the rest of India.

Moreover, poor workmanship and un-trained labor also result in a non-satisfactory job of cleaning the drains. At first I thought that channels were just playing old visuals, but got a stinking reality check when I stepped out.

The system comprises of about km of underground drains and laterals, built on the basis of the population and weather conditions of the times it was constructed in. The rising number of extreme rain events are attributed to an increase in the fluctuations of the monsoon westerly winds, due to increased warming in the Arabian Sea.

I saw a BEST bus with water way above the window level. They end up destroying the mangroves in the process, to make way for further development. To accommodate this population, the city has risen vertically, open spaces have shrunken, the arterial roads cannot be widened any further and the drainage systems fail to keep pace with the ever-increasing requirements of the metropolis.

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Thus, this natural catastrophe that shook the Mumbai region in can be ascribed to three main factors as stated by Dr. It was water logging due to poor drainage and fast disappearing mangroves and forest cover.

Jul 26, Also, numerous old and abandoned buildings are being revitalized and remodeled to be used for a different purpose. But again, there is another significant cause to such an alarming rise in the sea levels and this cause is primarily man-made.

Maybe because water-logging in Mumbai gets more viewers than an actual flood in Assam. These include amphibious dredgers, jetting and suction machines and other customized vehicle mounted equipment, among others for the de-silting and de-choking of drains.

Mumbai Rains: 26 July 2005 to 29 Aug 201 What Have We Learnt?

The taxi wound its way through flood and high water and hundreds of people walking on the street. The location of the river is important from the point of view of the city as it serves as a dividing line between the city and its suburbs. An example of this phenomenon was witnessed in the form of heavy rains in Mumbai on 26th July Are you opposed to the idea of a waste treatment plant or a garbage collection facility coming up anywhere near where you live or work?

Role of climate change[ edit ] Climate change has played an important role in causing large-scale floods across central India, especially the Mumbai floods of It was a nightmarish night when everybody had a story to tell including my aunt whose ground floor house in Khar was ruined by the rushing waters while she was holidaying in the US.

The reclamation that was carried out originally only to link the seven islands of Mumbai was eventually performed to a greater extent to accommodate the ever burgeoning population of the city Large slum colonies as well as planned constructions are being developed on the land reclaimed from the sea.

However, the next chapter first scrutinizes the flood-management strategies currently adopted by Mumbai. A flood is what happened in Assam.

It was floods and mayhem on the street outside with no taxis available at Mahalakshmi. For this purpose, a modern and responsive meteorological system should be set up in the most vulnerable areas.

I had to get to Lower Parel and so I walked all the way, over the flyovers en route — which, unlike the roads, were not submerged in water. There was no digital india then, but there was empathy-in-action on the online world too.26 July, Flooded streets, crazy traffic and near darkness in Mumbai - It was just days before the launch of dna on the newsstands and after two months of intense rehearsals for the paper's D-Day which was scheduled for July 30 Four days before that on July 26, the Mumbai skies opened up to torrential rain such as the likes of.

inundation that hit the city of Mumbai on 26th July The city was caught unawares and un-prepared to deal with the crisis that followed the floods. It was not in the capacity of the city’s drains to let out the excess water.

Mumbai Floods, Reasons and Solutions. Floods in Mumbai 26th July 1. Overview:The Mumbai floods of refers to the flooding of many parts of the Indian metropolis Mumbai, a city located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, on the western coast of India, in which at least 5, people died.

Mubai Flooding Case Study Environmental Sciences Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Local of¬ cials are proactive in areas prone to such floods and developing a disaster recovery plans that incorporate speci¬ c information about the strengths and weaknesses of the area.

Although 26th July Mumbai flood was.

Maharashtra floods of 2005

Talk:Maharashtra floods of This new page on wikipedia is an attempt to create a new page about a tragedy which struck the metropolis of Mumbai from the afternoon of 26th July and continued to engulf the city until 27th July The impact shall remain for years, and the debate about its dimensions and reasons shall continue for.

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