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As soon as he spoke those words, the team agreed with him and the room was filled with a huge roar from the team.

Remember the Titans – Summary Essay Sample

Also, Boone allows Bertier to make the decision to cut his own team mate and good friend, Ray, whose ongoing discrimination of the black players causes one of them to be injured. I will not be intimidated.

Boone never micro-manages Yoast, instead he allows his subordinate to manage defense with out interjecting, until Yoast asks him for help on their last game. Both Boone and Yoast possessed unfailing personal integrity that displayed how morale, fairness, drive and determination can lead a team to unimaginable heights.

Above all else, Boone makes them truly believe in themselves not as individuals, but as a team.

Earned respect, the necessity of working together in order to win, and the power of individual personalities all served to help both players and team mates to cooperate.

The team, while under his leadership as head coach, always knew he had their best interests at heart. After this moment, and under the guidance of Boone, Gary and Julius both work together as role models to their team members.

Coach Yoast unwillingly stays behind and helps Coach Boone as his assistant. Adjusting to a new coaching style, accepting lesser roles on the team, having to work closely with team members very different from themselves and fear of failure may all have worked against a quick adjustment.

In the begining of the movie, Coach Yoast was somewhat disgusted by the fact a black man was taking his job, and by the end of the movie, he had gained so much respect for Coach Boone and the rest of the black community.

He has replaced the previous white high school football coach that everyone in the community has a personal relationship with. He encouraged them to not use their anger against each other, but rather transform it into a vehicle to drive them to top achievement, pride and success.

Suggest specific concerns about aspects of sports that are not yet fully open to all races. Gerry had a lot of ideas and liked to speak his mind.

Gerry was also a big influence on the team.

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From the moment he ordered the boys to sit next to, room with, and learn personal facts about a player of a different color, he was breaking down the barrier that was hindering the development of a true team. In the "white dominated" suburbia area of the south, and the creation of T. As the team captain, Gerry had to kick Ray off the team.

Above all else, his drive and determination to win stands out as one of his most strongest element of his integrity. One Black and one White high school are closed and the students sent to T.

What is the significance of this exchange between the Bertier character and the character of his mother. His attitude towards his boys inspired deep loyalty from them and a respect that never wavered throughout the course of the movie. Research information about the significance of sports in the Civil Rights Movement.

Although he was a great captain for the Titans before they decided to intergrate black people into the team. Any of the discussion questions can serve as a writing prompt. Soon after, he begins changing his attitude towards the other race. Are you concerned that time will be wasted if you are absent from class?

No claim to copyright is made as to those items. In the film segregation plays the front role, our protagonist being a man of color himself, is put right in the middle of the current conflict within the community.About This Quiz & Worksheet.

Use this quiz and corresponding worksheet to test your knowledge of the movie Remember the will be quizzed on character names and events in the movie. - Remember The Titans Essay In the movie "Remember the Titans" by "Boaz Yakin" the character Herman Boone, played by "Denzel Washington", is faced by a difficult challenge that is significantly important to the movie.

We will write a custom essay sample on Race Conflict in “Remember the Titans We have essays on the following topics that may be of interest to you.

Interpersonal relationship () send me this sample. send me this sample. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Remember The Titans essays In the movie "Remember the Titans" there are many lessons that every person should learn in their life.

One of the most important lessons is that of racism. In this day and age some people believe that racism is over because there are no longer any slaves, some. Remember the Titans – Summary Essay Sample. Remember the Titans is a movie about a white football team that starts allowing black people to join the team.

Leadership in “Remember the Titans” Essay Sample

Coach Yoast is the white football leader, who shows his leadership by gaining respect and always letting the team speak their mind.

remember the titans essay. The movie Remember The Titans was a great example of character education.

Remember the Titans

Throughout the movie there are many great examples that represent the acronym “PRIDE,” which stands for patience, responsibility, integrity, dedication, and empathy. The characters represent all of these qualities well in this great movie.

Essay questions for remember the titans
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