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East Asian Indians and Filipinos might also be included.

Essay on Authoritative Parenting.

Also important in many African American communities is the in loco parentis role played by adults. They do not over pamper their kids Free essay on authoritarian parenting style know when they have to be firm with them.

Children are not discouraged from developing their own style and personality. These children have a high level of interaction and cohesiveness within the family. This kind of parenting style is usually seen in middle class where the parents want their children to be independent from the very beginning in their life and want them to contribute in the household affairs.

Historically — although less so today — all adults have the collective responsibility for correcting or disciplining children Klein et al.

These kinds of parents are not extremists and believe in striking the right balance in their level of expectation with the kids. The authoritative parenting style has effects many areas of child and adolescent development.

Get Access Authoritative Parenting Essay Sample This research paper will provide an overview of the research on authoritative parenting and the impact that it has on the development of pre-school and teenage children.

Studies have strongly supported the authoritative form of parenting as being worthy of application because it has consistently revealed data that reflects positive behavioral patterns for those children who were exposed to such a parenting style.

The child developes a stong sense of confidence that is a direct relection of knowing what is expected of them and knowing what the consequences will be. As children progress through the stages of life it is the influence of the style of parenting that will be the foundation for the success and stability of the child.

This largely happens because the children learn from what is around them and what they see in their surroundings. These parents are responsive to their children but place few demands or restrictions on the child. They encourage their children to have a voice and invite and open dialog that encourages individuality and create and atmosphere that is condusive to establishing self-confidence and fosters the ability to make decision and allows their children to feel ssfe in expressing opinions.

The impacts can be either negative or positive.

Parenting Styles

Authoritative parenting is the preferred form of parenting and professional research finds that children from authoritative parents are more confident and have higher self esteem and are more successful that those raised under other parenting styles.

Despite a strong loyalty to the extended family and relatively authoritarian parenting styles, African American families, like mainstream families, value the development of independence and assertiveness as well as individualism. In many ways, this lumping together of many separate groups is inappropriate.

Childhood Abstract Authoritative parenting styles are consistently being shown in research studies to be effective methods to apply and that such applications are successful in developing children who are well behaved, productive and emotionally well adjusted.

Managing Capital Flows in East Asia. Kids raised by authoritarian parents tend to be more successful and prove to be more effective responsible and trustworthy.

This provides a stong foundation for which the young child can establish self confidence, social resonsibity, and individuality. Authoritative Parenting Authoritative parenting has positive influence on the development of children. Even within the major Asian cultural groups, such as Chinese, there are many different subgroups characterized by significant linguistic, social, and political differences.

Deviation from these rules can result in some sort of punishment for the child. We will write a custom essay sample on Authoritarian Parenting or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Authoritative parenting styles adapt well to most children as its approach is less likely to be rendered too severe or impractical thus allowing it more opportunities to be applied.

Parents with authoritative style want their children to be free and independent but simultaneously they would also want to have a control over their children believe in making their children mature and responsible from the early childhood.

The parenting styles are Authoritative parenting Indulgent parenting Neglectful parenting We are going to discuss about the authoritative parenting style in this article. Handbook of Social Support and the Family.

Authoritative parents are stern and strict and place high expectations on their children.

They want their children to take accountably of things which make them responsible in turn. One important predictor of externalizing behavior is quality of parenting. In part, these reflect the influence of religion and philosophy that have shaped many Asian cultures. Parents believe that complete trust in the child and a minimal amount of restrictions is most beneficial to the parent-child relationship.

Handbook of Parenting 2nd ed. In closing it will offer a summary of the benefits of this style of parenting and the long term outcome on the development of young children and teenagers. The third style is referred to as the Uninvolved parenting which shows their children absolutely no warmth and exerts no control over their children, this type of parent sets no rules, limitations or expectations taking no interest what so ever in their children.Raising Children Parents Essays Papers - Parenting Styles.

My Account. Parenting Styles Essay. Parenting Styles Essay. Length: There are many methods of parenting, but there are only three main parts. They include authoritarian parenting style, permissive parenting style, and democratic parenting style.

Authoritarian Parenting

Free Essays A-F. Essay on Authoritative Parenting. Share. Authoritarian parenting; Parents with authoritative style want their children to be free and independent but simultaneously they would also want to have a control over their children believe in making their children mature and responsible from the early childhood.

They want their children to take.

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Free Essay: Introduction Parenting a child from infant to the adult stage is a full-time responsibility that every parent takes on. The type of style used to. types of parenting styles: authoritarian parenting, permissive parenting, and authoritative parenting.

Parenting Styles Essay

Authoritative parenting is a parenting style characterized by strict rules, harsh punishments and little warmth. The theory of parenting style had been largely influenced by Baumrind’s () conceptualization of authoritarian, permissive and authoritative parenting styles which involved various characteristics such as maturity, communication styles, nurturance, warmth and involvement.

Authoritarian parenting has received over the years, a large percentage of criticism in comparison to other forms of parenting styles such as authoritative, which has by comparison, acquired the reputation of being considered as one of the most effective.

Free essay on authoritarian parenting style
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