Give speech for students on female foeticide

Try to avoid the grammatical and punctuation mistake. The reasons ranging from dowry to male child preference to gender discrimination altogether contribute to the barbaric practice of female foeticide in India. These scholars [9] claim that both the sex ratio at birth and the population sex ratio are remarkably constant in human populations.

Already, the skewed sex ratio has resulted in the low availability of females the male population can get married to in pockets of Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan in India. One should take note of the fact that rural India has a marginally higher sex ratio of while urban India has lower sex ratio standing at a mere In order to control the population and stop female foeticide, Government of India made various rules and regulations against female foeticide and trend of abortions after sex determination tests.

In China, the ratio is an alarming girls for boys or girls for boys. Bias For male child More than other cultural practices, a general bias for a male child has been characterized across the globe.

Sounds like a feasible plan.

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We, as Indian citizen need to stress upon the individual awareness. However, it remains a question of how to dismantle the thousands of existing ultrasound machines with these as it would involve cost, infrastructural logistic problems as well.

Female Foeticide Essay 4 words What is Female Foeticide Female foeticide is the process of abortion to terminate female foetus from the womb of mother before birth after the sex determination tests like ultrasound scan.

The outcome is pareto optimal and reaches equilibrium when no one can be better off with any other partner or choosing not to marry.

Female foeticide in India

Even early marriage is a probable consequence for a world with fewer women, due to the fact that early marriage or selling off women early in age would bring about the higher number of children in the biological time of the woman. Some of them are the following: In India and the South Asian subcontinent, the desire for a male child was so rampant that it leads to several consecutive childbearing processes on a single woman under the pressure to bear a boy child.

Want to deliver a perfect speech? Some people may say that one should do a lot of hard work to achieve success. Today I am going to talk about how your attitude should be and how your attitude affects your life.

The majority of men do not find any benefit from these goods and are less likely to invest in them.

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Gender discrimination in our society is so entrenched, that it begins even before a girl is born. This is based on the unitary model of the household where the household is seen as a single decision making entity under the same budget constraint.

Time has been changed now to a great extent however, various reasons and beliefs are continuing in some families. But became widespread in s.

Women should be empowered so that they can be more attentive to their rights. The outcome is that there is an increasing number of maternal deaths. Parents consider that boys would carry their name ahead in the society however girls are only to handle households.

Heavy penalty imposed on companies like GE that specialize in marketing medical equipment used for illegal sex determination and abortion in unlicensed clinics and hospitals. Parents and grandparents understand their honor while having boy baby in the family whereas shame having daughter.

It is the shame for the parents who are desperate for a baby boy as well as doctors carrying out abortions especially for this. When a region participates in the trade of its female population, the present and future psychological cost is alarming.

One can study the following facts for a better understanding of the trend invested in female foeticide across the country: This information will help to write an essay on female foeticide, infanticide in India and to even for the speech on female foeticide in India.

Use a dark inked pen to write your essay. The sex ratios of other countries are listed below: The essay starts with the introduction of the topic, followed by the information body paragraph and ending the essay with the conclusion.

Female Foeticide Social belief goes that the family runs through a male and hence the birth of a male child in the family is imminent to the carrying forward of its generation. As a result, illegal trafficking of women has become commonplace in many regions.

Before delivering your speech, practice it in front of your friends, family members or even the mirror to gain the confidence. In India, the number of girls is declining with each passing decade.

As MacPherson notes, there can be significant differences in gender violence and access to food, healthcare, immunizations between male and female children.

Female Feticide: Causes & Effects of Sex-Selective Abortion

It is the age old practice to kill ever unwanted girl child in the Indian society.Female Foeticide In India India is a country of incredible ironies. It is a land where people worship myriad forms of female Shakti in quest of wealth, wisdom and power.

In this country it is a common sight to see thousands of couples making arduous journeys every year to shrines of goddesses in order to be blessed with a child. ESSAY ON FEMALE FOETICIDE.

The act of female Foeticide is an illegal practice of killing a foetus which is found as female. It is a social evil because in the patriarchal social structure of India gives a secondary position to women. May 28,  · Female feticide is a widespread social evil.

The preference for a boy child has chilled hearts the world over. A detailed look into the causes, effects, and solutions of this heinous mi-centre.coms: Feb 16,  · Short Speech, Essay, Article on Attitude.

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Foeticide may cost one or two. Female foeticide or sex selective abortion is the elimination of the female foetus in the womb itself. The sex of the foetus is determined by methods like amniocentesis, chrion villus Biopsy and now by the most popular technique ultra sonography.

Give speech for students on female foeticide
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