Of mice and men power and powerlessness essay

But despite this obvious fact Lennie confirms his greatest weakness, knowledge. Slim also gains faith from others which makes people to believe the man with the truth.

I also think Crooks has some traits of a charlatan. In my opinion I believe that Crooks is powerless and is stuck behind a bit of a fata morgana. So Crooks is the person with the least amount of power. For that reason he is powerless.

However, as the book shows, Lennine has enormous strength when he fights against Curley. But Candy does show some limitation when considering the other ranch workers. Charles Darwin, an English Naturalist proposed a theory called natural selection, meaning that nature selects the best adapted varieties to survive and reproduce.

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After a while into chapter 4, Steinbeck shows the relationship between Crooks and Slim. This brings us to the link to their power the workers had. Except that Slim contradicts this view seeing as he has allocated himself as an associate of Crooks.

Of Mice and Men

His insight, intuition, kindness and natural authority draw the other ranch hands automatically towards him, and he is significantly the only character to fully understand the bond between George and Lennie.

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Carlson overpowers Candy and killed his dog without consent, showing the lack of power Candy has. In order to complete a great essay on the topic one has to read much about the book. Although Lennie has an abundance of physical power, he lacks knowledge and common sense.

As a result of that thought he is very weak in the sense that he has no power of companionship. Only Slim realizes what happened, and consolingly leads him away.

What is the function or purpose of strength in the novella? Candy finds them and they discuss their plans for the farm with Crooks, who cannot resist asking them if he can hoe a garden patch on the farm albeit scorning its possibility.

Despite himself, Crooks becomes fond of Lennie, and though he claims to have seen countless men following empty dreams of buying their own land, he asks Lennie if he can go with them and hoe in the garden.

Of mice and men power and powerlessness essay

As well as that Crooks finds another pleasure he so greatly missed, that pleasure of having companionship. Poor Candy worries that something similar will eventually happen to him. George meets Lennie at the place, their camping spot before they came to the ranch.

Carlson warns Curley of her dangerous sexual power: Candys situation shows how difficult it was during those times and it displays a realistic outcome of Candys dilemma.

People who have strength know discipline because their energies can influence not only others, but also themselves in negative ways. Candy is in my view superior to Crooks because he shares the same similarities but the only difference is that Candy is white.

Women are often referred to as "tarts," a derogatory word for women that means "tramp. His friendship with Lennie helps sustain his dream of a better future.

Candy is lonely after his dog is gone.Power In Of Mice And Men (Themes) Physical Power Economical Power Intellectual Power Curley Curley has Socio-economic power as his father is the owner of the Ranch. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Of Mice and Men, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Lichtenstein, Jesse. "Of Mice and Men Themes." LitCharts. LitCharts LLC, 22 Jul Web. 14 Sep Lichtenstein, Jesse. "Of Mice and Men Themes." LitCharts. LitCharts. The idea of the power and powerlessness of social position is well developed in Of Mice and Men and is intertwined with the other modes of power discussed here.

Physical: Lennie and Curley.

Of Mice and Men (Loneliness)

Of Mice and Men: Test Study Guide. STUDY. PLAY. Power vs. Powerlessness in "Of Mice and Men"-The themes of power and powerlessness are presented in several ways in Of Mice and Men.

Financial, moral, social and phsysical power are each presented as being different types of power. Of Mice and Men is a novella written by author John Steinbeck. However, his intellectual handicap undercuts this and results in his powerlessness. Economic powerlessness is established as many of the ranch hands are victims of the Great Depression.

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Of mice and men power and powerlessness essay
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