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Senator White asked if Americans should affiliate with Hawaiians who lived "far removed and alien to us in language and ideas.

The American government would have to apply political and military power and pressure abroad to guarantee access for American goods and investment capital in all possible markets. Would-be geostrategists such as Captain Alfred Mahan argued that no nation had ever been great without superior naval power, although he did not explain why Americans needed to be great in that sense.

That the whole overproduction-underconsumption theory was faulty does not need demonstrating here. Sensing defeat, the anti-annexationists made their last stand during a Senate filibuster a delaying tactic in which Senators give never-ending speeches.

The Republic of Hawaii Sanford Dole and the other members of the provisional government recognized that the United States probably would never annex Hawaii as long as Cleveland was in the White House.

The House passed the Hawaiian annexation resolution on June In the Far East, Commodore George Dewey, set on course by a telegram from the overeager undersecretary of the Navy, Theodore Roosevelt, engaged the antiquated Spanish fleet at Manila on May 1, destroying it with little effort.

By this time, both France and Spain had lost many of its acquisitions in the New World. Army regulars, volunteers, and mismatched supplies piled up at Port Tampa. In Februaryuneasy relations between U. This possibility was not lost on the administration.

Some questioned the capability of the native Hawaiians to vote and participate as U. In Januaryabout supporters of Queen Liliuokalani took up arms and attempted to restore her to power. The China market was always a snare and a delusion, except for a few businessmen who actually made money on it and policymakers who made careers out of it.

After that, the independence movement faded away. Such statesmen, and such statesmen only, are capable of fancying that they will find some advantage in employing the blood and treasure of their fellow citizens, to found and maintain such an empire.

But the revolutionaries claimed that Liliuokalani had given up her right to rule by violating her oath to the current constitution. America had plenty of markets, mainly in developed, European countries, and could have had others elsewhere, had those in power been willing to adopt free trade.

The constitution placed property and income qualifications on the right to vote and required voters to take an oath against restoring the monarchy.

President Cleveland appointed a former member of Congress, John Blount, to go to Hawaii to find out what had happened. Popular and congressional outcry put pressure on the administration to intervene for Cuban independence. Soon afterward, the United States declared war on Spain and invaded Cuba.

The native Hawaiian population dropped sharply due to smallpox and other diseases that came with the American immigrants. The annexationists abandoned their treaty ratification campaign in the Senate.Mahan argued that the United States should abandon its tradition of isolationism and, like imperial Great Britain, acquire an overseas empire, starting with Hawaii.

Mahan's essay marked the beginning of a long and often bitter debate in the United States on the question of whether the United States should become an imperial world power.

Research Papers words ( pages) Expansionism Essay - Expansionism Throughout history, many great nations have amassed an immense empire through expansionism, which is a nation's practice or policy of territorial or economic expansion.

Free Imperialism American papers, essays, and research papers. Chapter 2: Beginnings of English America, Potential Essay Questions 1. Explain as thoroughly as you can what John Smith meant when he remarked that “No man will go from [England] to have less freedom.” 2.

Once England decided to create an overseas empire, it %(1).

The Spanish-American War: The Leap into Overseas Empire By Joseph R. Stromberg | December 1, The Spanish-American War, whose centennial we observe this year [], was a short war, a popular war, and a rather cheap war, both in lives and money. Overseas Private Investment Corporation Essay The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) has played a vital role in advancing globalization for over three and a half decades.

It does so by encouraging outward foreign investment by U.S. businesses to developing countries.

Overseas empire essay
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