Stomper jr prothesis

Robert — CA Your product is bad ass so you should be a shoe in.

Water Leg Prosthesis

Keep up the Good Work. Here they are on Cocoa Beach, FL. Steve — MI I m in Michigan so it takes a while for new styles to reach here so you can be sure I m going to spread the word about my stomper.

Amputees Support Group

Front tire checked pumped up — as well — free slime in front and back tires. Its completely crazy the response we get when riding our Stompers. Have what it takes to be a ball person at a pro tennis tournament? I was looking forward to getting a bike soon, but if you allow me to switch, I think it will be worth the wait.

Thank you always for your great customer service. The cruiser is awesome, easy to ride and easy on me too. It contains a simple hydraulic control with a push-in manual lock. Love the color options you offer.

More excited about this than my first ! Keep up the great work. Cindy — TX Let me tell you how incredible your Stomper truly is. Peter B — CA I just wanted to thank you for hooking me up with the bike.

You have a very cool product, really looking forward to getting my feet on the pedals of one of these. Luke — AZ Came in a few weeks before Christmas, looking to put a bike under the tree for the girlfriend.

It was worth the wait.

Don’t Want to Hop? Stomp Instead.

Pin locks tend to retain moisture and corrode over time. Tim — SC Well, I have to ask you again to switch me if that is possible… I really love that titanium blue and black. It can be cleaned easily after use and is suitable for all functional levels.

Patiently waiting for mine to come in!Stomper Joe sells quality loafer, no-show liner socks for men and women. Our special silicon grip ensures no slippage and we guarantee % satisfaction. Designed for use in and around water, Stomper and Stomper Jr.

Makes an excellent choice for a prosthesis for shower, beach or pool May also be used for static fitting of test sockets Easily attaches to Stomper Jr Prothesis Suppliers – SPS Co Committed to providing O & P practitioners with the products and services they need in a manner that exceeds expectations every time.

Stomper and Stomper Jr. Stomper Joe No Show Low Cut Ankle Socks For Men Casual Liners 6 pack Bamboo Cushioned Sole $ Quick View Stomper Joe No Show Low Cut Ankle Socks For Men Casual Liners 6 pack Bamboo Cushioned Sole $ Super Soft Compression Support Socks mmhg.

Stomper Jr Prothesis – 707343

Super Soft Compression Support Socks Feb 05,  · Parts sources and assembly instructions for adjustable prosthetic stomper. Adjustable prosthetic stomper is useful for. Now there is a simple, safe, and economical alternative for all the amputees in your practice - the Stomper TM and Stomper Jr TM available from SPS.

Designed for use in and around the water, Stomper and Stomper Jr are the perfect prosthetic solution for use in a shower, at the beach, or in the pool.

Stomper jr prothesis
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