Tattoos and discrimination

Tattoos and piercings are merely another form of beautification. I have a legal background so allow me to explain this somewhat stilted language. While the practice is welcome in workplaces such as Borders, a national book-selling chain, where employers say body art makes an employee more interesting and is an asset to the job, more conservative employment environments still have strict policies in place against it.

Decided by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals inRobert v. Many times their business is their dream and passion. And whether the job is private sector or public, good applicants also have little interest in being forced to wear long sleeves every day. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

They provide economic growth and the ability to put food on the table and provide shelter for Tattoos and discrimination and your family. Put yourself in their shoes. Print our petition PDF files. Last year, there were nearly charges of hiring discrimination brought to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission EEOCwith claims ranging from discrimination based on age and race to disability and national origin.

Workplace Discrimination on Tattoos & Piercings

The overwhelming consensus has been that visible ink would not be an issue — at all. As a customer, whenever you see tattooed or pierced staff always ask for management and express thanks for supporting piercing and tattoo acceptance in the workplace.

Discrimination against tattoos and piercings in the workplace is actually more likely to lose customers than hiring staff with tattoos and piercings.

Here some thoughts when dealing with tattoo discrimination in the workplace. These are sheep that are just following the Hollywood initiative and then think they have the right to strongarm their way into our businesses.

To speak to an attorney, please call Click here to find a further in-depth look at the question, "Should tattoos be allowed in the workplace?

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The Templars were involved in the Crusades and fought against and killed Muslims in the Middle East for hundreds of years.

While I would not represent my own efforts as a formal poll, I have sought out the views of quite a number of people on this subject. Though it took almost a decade of prosecutions for the law to have the desired affect, today it is the exception, not the rule, for a person to be turned away from a job because of the color of his skin.

Or phrased another way, agencies that have done what other agencies refuse to do, do not experience the consequences that the refusing agencies cite as their justification to refuse! Not every person with tattoos does it for attention or because of low self esteem.

Tattoo-ism: Where Body Art Meets Employment Discrimination

Having posed the question let me now adjust some of the numbers downward a bit. Same applies to all individuals with visible tattoos. These are gut instincts compiled from past experiences. Again, that argument fails in light of the experience of law enforcement agencies that have no tattoo restrictions.

Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace

The question is the level of distraction. Unfortunately, employers occasionally are blamed for discrimination of tattoos in the workplace when the actual cause is not the employer. Although tattoos and body piercings are becoming more mainstream, there are still many traditional workplaces that favor a more conservative look.

What is free expression in the workplace? These are all examples of free expression. Opinions are nice and yours is noted. The second reason is that a lot of people with tattoos had them placed so they are not visible when the person is wearing long pants and a short-sleeve shirt.

This can be hard to swallow if someone close to you engages in discrimination. However there is currently no protected class of tattooed and pierced individuals, despite the growing popularity of these trends.

However, almost everyone agrees employment should be based on the merit of the individual. Ariana Iacono says she just wants to be a normal teenager at Clayton High School, about 15 miles southeast of Raleigh.

We are confident with ourselves and our body art.“The only way to argue against it [being treated differently by an employer because of a tattoo] is claiming its discrimination of race or religion.” Tattoos in.

Tattoo-ism: Where Body Art Meets Employment Discrimination By Garrett D. Kennedy on June 22, Posted in Employment Litigation, Employment Policies Tattoos and body piercings have become increasingly prevalent in.

The Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work movement stopping tattoo discrimination in the workplace. Find interesting info, sign STAPAW petitions & volunteer. Jan 06,  · The tattoo industry is sizable in America, with 21, tattoo parlors in operation and revenues totaling $ billion.

Piercings, too, are popular with 14% of Americans sporting piercings in locations other than the earlobes.

Should anti-tattoo discrimination be illegal?

Both tattoos and piercings become an issue in the hiring process when company culture dictates that Location: Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite, California. Tattoos are more popular than ever, but workers can lose or be denied jobs because of them. Should employment law be changed to protect them?

The Ugly Truth About Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace How many people have tattoos in America is hard to factually, determine, but there are some numbers that can help us do a decent job of “pinning the tail on the donkey”.

Tattoos and discrimination
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