The effects of the iraq war essay

On March 13,an air raid was launched by America army which was purposed to kill Saddam.

The Effect The Iraq War is Having On The Economy Essay Sample

It is safe to assume that all soldiers are affected by their experiences in war. Today global economy is still on track for healthy growth despite the adverse impact on United States business prospect. This is one of those traumatic images that cause PTSD. Although the justification of this war has been controversial and criticized by several American citizens themselves, Bush still believes that the war was the only weapon for fighting global terrorism.

This would mean a very painful conversion for the US. These arrangement also meant that the US effectively part-controlled the entire world oil market, you could only buy oil if you had dollars, and only one country had the right to print dollars — the US.

The Effects of the Iraq War Essay

For many, surviving the challenges of war can be rewarding, maturing, and growth-promoting. Several initiatives were also raised from different quarters about the nuclear weapon being created by the Iraqi government.

Reasons behind these continued attack of US may seems like to stop terrorism as the administration of President Bush declared but, many analyst believe that it made because of the oil The effects of the iraq war essay monopoly and continuous domination of dollar as the only currency that can buy oil.

As a result, he was placed in a military psychiatric ward and was diagnosed with PTSD. They are assigned a nurse case manager and a primary care provider who will evaluate his or her needs and place him or her in the appropriate programs.

He was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, dishonorably discharged from the military and got five years in jail Modell, The conversion from trade deficit to trade surplus would have to be achieved at a time when its property and stock market prices were collapsing and its domestic supplies of oil and gas were contracting.

The root of the war in Iraq can be traced to the Persian Gulf War of The soldiers can return to duty, medically retired from active duty, or discharged or separated from the military if they are deemed not fit for duty.

This may affect the relationships between the soldier and his spouse and child. The Iraq War has taken a toll on soldiers and their families. They will have many holidays and birthdays that the deployed parent will miss. Before I attempt to answer this, it is important to know the reason why the war started.

Iraq is the fifth-biggest source of US oil imports; a war with Iraq will definitely cause a disruption of some kind such as the higher oil price in the market and significant structural balance in the economy. One would assume, if these soldiers indeed had pre-existing disorders, the military would have seen signs before they were sent into combat.

The allied forces, which were supported by America, drove the Iraqi army from Kuwait in following the oppression and maltreatments that has been suffered by the people of Iraq in the hand of Saddam Hussein. Questions that will be raised in this essay include what led to the invasion?

They therefore recommended a war against Saddam as the only solution to the imminent threat being posed by his government. The war started the next day, March 20, Most of the soldiers who are diagnosed with PTSD or depression will be placed in anger management, as many of them have anger issues.

Being fit for duty will mean, most often than not, another deployment back into a combat situation, which causes further mental health stressors SFC J. He wakes up in sweats and has to get up to shower in the middle of the night.

Most soldiers are not immediately impacted by their experiences; however, they are at risk of chronic mental health issues from war experiences Modell, Today, world trade is now a game in which the US produces dollars and the rest of the world produces things that dollar can buy.

He has not shared a bed with his wife in three years. At this point, President Bill Clinton was forced to order an air raid on some sites that was perceived to be the site for Iraq nuclear programs.- Iraq Invasion of Kuwait vs U.S Iraq War Iraq and Kuwait have a long history; Kuwait played a huge part in the Iran-Iraq war, mostly financially.

Open warfare began on September 22, ; Iraq claimed Iran. The war in Iraq was supposedly an act against terrorism. In one of the President’s speeches, he made it clear that it was a preemptive attack and that “if we were not fighting and destroying this enemy in Iraq, they would not be idle.

War In Iraq Essay Sample The past five years in Iraq has been characterized by political unrest, violence, bloodshed, loss of lives and properties. Many families have been forced to abandon their homes due to the effects of the war.

Iraq had about potential to produce big volumes of oil than it was producing prior to the invasion. The low production was due to a set of historic circumstances and conditions that decreased production of Iraqi oil including the devastation caused by the Iran-Iraq war, the first Gulf War, and the UN sanctions that followed that war.

Let us write or edit the essay on your topic "The Society Effects of the Iraq War" with a personal 20% discount. The Iraq war is the second after the war of Afghanistan which is characterized by the Bush doctrine of “preventive war” and about what some call the “new American empire”.Moreover, this war is involved in the Global War On Terrorism (GWOT) that George W.

Bush declared in response to the attacks of September 11, [3]. II.

The effects of the iraq war essay
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