Worksheet 8 ittt research paper

It is to be completed during the study stage and then corrected as a class afterwards. Then if the student pronunces it incorrectly as the teacher we would reproduce the answer for all of the students to hear the difference.

Hangman activate stage A game we believe is best suited for pairs, one student chooses a word using vocabulary from the current lesson and the other student has to answer the question before the man hangs. Discussions — Creative communication We would take a current news item with respect to the age of the students and their appropriate level of fluency and ask the students to discuss it.

Come up with ideas of your own: We think it could also make a good homework item. The fluency activities are usually conducted in the activate stage and focus on the flow of information by experimenting and being creative with the language.

After students have completed the worksheet they pair up and correct their partners work as we the teachers prompt students for the answers, giving them assistance if no student knows the answer. Task 7 — What additional issues does the teacher have to consider for a writing activity?

This is done as a patchwork lesson. Task 4 — Give examples of ways that the teacher can encourage students to speak and interact during a lesson: Objective By the end of the ESA lesson students must be able to speak freely about their opinions of a movie Engage Students watch an english movie preferably something very symbolic such as a cartoon i.

At the end of the lesson they must give the movie a review as a group presented to the class.

Task 8 — Think of five traditional games that could be adapted for the classroom and details of how you would use them these games should not include any of those mentioned in the course unit: Drilling — Controlled activity A basic drilling exercise to be performed in the engage stage would be reciting the words from a childrens book as this would help increase the accuracy of basic statements.

Prompting — Controlled activity We think a good prompting activity would be to write a simple question on the whiteboard and ask students if they know the answer, in which case they put their hand up and are selected randomly.

Activate Students join groups of 3 or 4 people and discuss the movie openly, praising the areas they enjoyed or criticising their dislikes about it.

Accuracy activities are usually conducted in the study phase and focus on understanding and using of the language in a controlled way. Debates — Creative communication Quite possibly a follow-up class from the discussions in the previous step, this would involve groups arguing their opinions with other groups, in an open environment.

Handwriting, spelling, layout and punctuation can all differ greatly from the students native language so they must be addressed when teaching writing skills. There are clues to the words written below the wordfind to assist the students.

Study A worksheet with questions relating to the movie is handed to the students to answer. Afterwards as a class we would recite the correct answers allowing everyone a chance for everyone to say it correctly.

Task 1 — What are the two productive skills? Guided role-play — Guided activity For guided role-play we would plan an activity for the activate stage in which the students have to re-enact an interesting situation within a certain time limit, such as a bank robbery.

Allow students to associate their language learning with their outside activities, i. Using visual aids we would hope to entice students to become involved and eventually join groups to share their opinions in English.

Wordfind study stage Similar to the crossword puzzle but where students find words amongst a grid of random letters.

Task 3 — List 5 different speaking activities, giving an example activity of your own for each: The students play several games and then have to write a short story using the words from their games of hangman, which they then read to the class. We think it would be important to find material which contains sounds which are hard to reproduce in the students native language to clear those barriers early.

Crosswords study stage A worksheet with a crossword puzzle is handed to the students containing gap sentences. Speaking and writing Task 2 — Give a brief description of the differences between accuracy and fluency activities:read and download ittt tefl test unit 10 answers free ebooks in pdf fundamentals of healthcare finance answers discussion examples for research paper student exploration balancing chemical equations gizmo answers understing physics cummings solution answers to food handlers worksheet.

Itt Research Paper. Use the ITT Tech Virtual Library for research and information necessary to complete assignments and projects. SCANS Objectives SCANS is an acronym for Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills.

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Unit 16 Essays and Research Papers. Search. Unit 16 Ittt Worksheet Ittunit 16 RHEDA CHIKHAOUI WORKSHEET UNIT 16 Task 1 Identify the following conditionals, and for each one: i) indicate whether it is a zero, first, second, third or. WORKSHEET – UNIT 20 Ask one or two students what their name is to demonstrate and also hand out paper for every student to write their names on (as seen in the video).

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Worksheet 8 ittt research paper
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