Writing a diary entry gcse revision

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This will enable you to avoid repetition and to make sure you are fully answering the question. Shaun Gaunt, Leeds Having taken my A-levels four years ago it shocks me to see how much students seem to be complaining.

The food was good, but I lost my appetite the moment I heard the siren. David Horn, Devon, UK The most useful piece of advice I can give is to get hold of as many past papers as you can, particularly in subjects like maths, where individual questions can carry a lot of marks for not particularly much work.

The time would be better spent improving content, expression and accuracy.

Informal writing

All of the suggestions below will allow you to do this. You will write about a page or less for each part. Make the examiner laugh. You could script a news broadcast like Newsroundusing stories from real news media.

The house shook and the bombs kept falling. Having said this, I got fairly good results, mostly As with a smattering of Bs. Please note that exam boards may require you to do some written coursework in your own handwriting. Formal Letters Practise writing formal letters; it is highly likely you will be asked to write a letter on.

You may not have time to establish character and situation. Write a letter to a magazine which you read, for example. You can get good grades with very little effort at GCSE.

Studying every night was very difficult if not impossible due to the coursework still to hand. At two-thirty Margot had finished her office work and was just gathering her things together when the sirens began wailing again. Some of the tasks outlined here are suitable for writing by hand.

Do the past papers, find out what your weaknesses are and work on them. Report on how life goes on in Celestial Mansions or whatever this place is called.

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Click on the link below to go to this guide: Lynds Year 13 taking A-levels in JulyPlymouth Having survived fifth year and five Higher subjects last year I can say now that it was the most stressful, trying and difficult thing I have ever had to cope with.

Use a style of writing or speech which is appropriate: As an episode of a soap opera which you know script format As a report in one or more newspapers - a Red Top Mirror, Sun, Stara broadsheet Guardian, Telegraph, Timessports paper Sporting Life local free paper, and so on As a case study or scientific report for a school subject you are studying As a passage in a novel or story by a writer whose style you can copy Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton or a genre of fiction horror, romance, bonkbuster and so on As a narrative poem, serious or comic As a monologue spoken by one of the characters in the story - you may wish to write colloquially to indicate how he or she or it speaks As a report to the home planet from an unseen alien observer, like ET Back to top Narrative in different forms Dracula, published inis a story which is told in many different ways.

All have different people in them, different furniture, different lifestyles. Alternatively, think of ET phoning home.

I am going through exactly the same thing. Give your readers your views on either of these statements: I need to redo one of my final pieces, and finish off the other one and I have so many other drawings to do. Tell the story in any of the following ways: If you must skip a line between questions and answers, or, use names in the margin like a play script to distinguish between the interviewer and interviewee.

Only single words or short phrases should be highlighted in a text, otherwise you are not precisely identifying your useful phrases and will end up with a ridiculous amount of highlighted text.

However, no other sentiment lives up to finishing your final exam and beginning a very long and well deserved summer break! Copying gives no evidence of understanding, rather the reverse. The description for grade A refers to a "range" of "styles" and of "effects", for example.

The importance of getting a good grade in that outweighs every other subject. Write things which you would like to read. It may be of interest to students of creative writing generally.

Writing about the past – WJEC

You can show awareness of character and situation, show that you can sustain current plot lines and show that you know the conventions for this kind of writing.

Good luck to all of you doing your exams. If you can teach it then you can understand it! Back to top Through the keyhole Imagine a block of flats, or row of houses, into which you can see. I just drew up my revision timetable today and realised how much revision there is to do for each subject.Original writing tutorial for GCSE English exams.

GCSE English - Original Writing doing the Original Writing component of assessed work in English in Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum (GCSE).

It may be of interest to students of creative writing generally. Diary entries (like those of Adrian Mole or Bridget Jones) Letters (a. A diary is a personal record of things that have happened to the writer.

It can also record the writer's thoughts or feelings. Diary Writing KS3 (Year 7) 1. Lesson Objective: To plan writing an diary entry -To choose any scenario to write the diary entry.

Write a personal diary entry or blog about a time when social networking has caused you, or someone you know, a problem. [40] 7) Write about a time you travelled at great speed.

[40] 8) Speed Kills Campaign Write a letter to your local council asking for better road safety enforcement [40] in your area. Feature Article/Editorial/Magazine Article If you're asked to write an editorial, this is very different to a news report. Think Liz Jones' article 'Life is supposed to be hard even if you have 3 A*s' and you get the idea.

Writing about the past – WJEC Being able to use the past tense correctly is very important when you learn a language. It enables you to speak, write and read about past events and to understand when people talk about the past.

Writing a diary entry gcse revision
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